Are Chef-Kits cooked or fresh meals?

Chef-Kits are fresh ingredients ready to be cooked.  Some proteins are sous vide, same as in fine-dining restaurants, to reduce your cooking time to only 10 or 15 mins.  

In effect, Chef-Kits is similar to grocery shopping but without all the hard work involved.

Tell me more about a Chef-Kits?

Our objective is to provide people who want to eat at home, the ability to enjoy healthy gourmet meals without the capability or time to cook.  Everything about our Chef-Kits is aimed to achieve that goal with convenience.

Are your meals frozen and how long can I keep them?

Our meals are not frozen, but are kept chilled after preparation, all the way to your home.  It’s the healthiest and freshest way to enjoy your meals.  

You should keep Chef-Kits in the refrigerator, even for meals with fish, chicken or meat.  Don’t freeze.  There is a “Use by” date on each box, which is typically 1-2 days after it arrives to you.  

Order frequently to enjoy meals fresh and that’s why we offer instant-delivery.  

How many servings are in a Chef-Kits?

Each Chef-Kits is for one serving.  We offer discounts for packs of two Chef-Kits.  Whilst you’re at it, give our home-made Choc Chip Cookies as dessert a try, for a complete meal.


Are Chef-Kits better than cooked meals delivery?

If you want to eat healthy and quality meals, but don’t mind spending 10-15 easy mins to follow instructions with absolutely no slicing, dicing or chopping required, then our Chef-Kits beats all other food delivery options.   You also get to see and choose what ingredients to remove or add.  

If you prefer not to cook at all and accept that reheating pre-cooked food is alright, or not know what goes into your meals, then cooked food delivery is probably your best bet.  


Where do you produce these Chef-Kits?

Our production kitchen is in Chiang Mai, where the environment supports high quality ingredients year-round.  Some of the ingredients we use are only grown in northern Thailand due to the conducive weather. 

Do I have to signup to a plan?

No, we do not have a meal plan. 

I see you have two internet stores. What’s the difference?

Our DeliverNow store has Chef-Kits ready to instant-deliver Mon-Fri 10am-5pm.  The menu is limited to meals that are popular.  You can also order and pay to secure your Chef-Kits but schedule for a delivery later in the day, as long as it’s before 5pm.  

The PreOrder store has a larger menu to choose from and requires ordering 4 days in advance.  You can secure exact meals that you enjoy and the quantity needed.  Look at it like going grocery shopping twice/week or for events and parties.

Where do you deliver?

DeliverNowGreater Bangkok

Pre-Order:  Bangkok & Chiang Mai

Do you have special dietary meals?

At the moment we have limited but delicious vegetarian and vegan options.  Our aim is to expand special diets so you’ll see developments in this direction from us soon.  Stay tuned. 

What’s the difference between Vegetarian and Vegan?

Vegetarian meals, and soups, are free of fish and meat but sometimes include milk products. 

Vegan meals are free of all animal and milk products.  

What is your nutritional philosophy?

Our focus is on healthy meals, without sacrificing taste.  There are many who have the discipline to sacrifice taste for health, but the vast majority do not, and can benefit immensely by eating healthy, sustainably, provided meals also taste good.